EMDR Therapy Online in California

EMDR often addresses unresolved traumatic experiences, depression and anxiety symptoms, addictions, OCD symptoms, phobias, and more.


EMDR Therapy Online in California

EMDR often addresses unresolved traumatic experiences, depression and anxiety symptoms, addictions, OCD symptoms, phobias, and more.
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A helpful therapy option for busy professionals.

Ready to move forward but short on time?

You’re a busy professional who’s often been afraid to seek out therapy for past, present, or future anticipated challenges, because as many busy professionals would say, “I don’t want to be in therapy for the rest of my life.” Whether you’re an avid therapy participant, or are someone who is topic-specific AND committed to doing the work to see accelerated progress in your healing, I get it. Long-term, we both know that your goal is not to hang out with me. You want to get what you need so that you can go out and live your life like it’s golden. So, here are some options below to support your healing journey.

What is EMDR Therapy?

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. It’s widely validated as the leading integrative modality for treating a multitude of emotional and somatic distressing symptoms as held by one’s body [nervous system], and brain. EMDR often addresses unresolved traumatic experiences, depression and anxiety symptoms, addictions, OCD symptoms, phobias, and more.
Through bilateral stimulation, painful ways in which thoughts, emotions, and imageries have been stored in us (often without our awareness), surfaces and get reprocessed so that the brain and body can naturally heal itself through sorting and clearing.

And for many who are exhausted by having formerly shared their stories many times before, EMDR differs from talk therapy whereby, you get to say very little and it’s effective, as evidenced by neuroscience research.


Is Weekly EMDR or EMDR Intensives the Right Fit for You?

This biggest difference is EMDR Intensive therapy allows for longer sessions (90 min to 3 hours) than weekly one hour model (charged at $200). This allows for the work that we do to go further than the weekly start and stop time.

You’ll see more defined results in one 3-hour session, in comparison to three one-hour sessions weeks apart. And yes, even within a three hour session, they’ll be tons of care and breaks as needed to make sure that you’re not overwhelmed by it all.


EMDR Intensives focus on very specific treatment goals, with personalized treatment plans.

While therapy sessions will always consist of checking in, and grounding the body, the focus of EMDR intensives, will stay on the target memory or imagery of inexperience that we’ve identified as a problem that you’d like to address.

EMDR Intensives come with personalized content resources that will guide you throughout the Intensive process and beyond.

You and I will have determined some assessments about you, making our work integral through insights on different domains of your life in short period of time compared to the weekly model of therapy. This flow of work provides you with more agency, self-determination, flexibility, and accountability in the work that we’re doing to honor your own healing journey.
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How Many EMDR Intensive Therapy Sessions are Needed?

The nature of the distressing experience (s) and the extent of its imprint on your life will determine our meeting times. Yet, intensives have been proven to contribute to a significant amount of relief, when targets are very specific. For experiences of complex trauma or any additional persistent event, several sessions are recommended. Moreover, I often see those who are seeking to address work-related stressors, recent traumatic events, and those with persistent exposure to stressors including complex trauma (think, those with difficult parent relationships, experiences of racial trauma, betrayal or abandonment, etc.).

What to Consider About EMDR Intensive Therapy

No matter where you’re at along your healing journey; you’re not a fixer-upper project and I won’t treat you as one. As with any other therapy, EMDR Intensives are not guaranteed to be a “quick fix” it. However, you are likely to feel much more relief after an EMDR intensive therapy session. Yet, your history and experiences of trauma will influence the results, as well as your participation in the resources provided. So, whether you decide to engage in weekly therapy sessions or EMDR intensives, what you put into your process will be what you get out of it.

EMDR Intensives are considered a premium service providing high support and value to clients. Thus, the cost for EMDR Intensives is a higher upfront cost ($1600). I encourage you to assess your financial situation and how you’d like to cover the payment, and then decide what honest and equitable financial investment in your healing looks like for you. 


If you are looking for EMDR online in California, I can help.

As an EMDR Certified Therapist through EMDRIA, I’m only an email or text away if you need to connect further about your decision.
I offer virtual EMDR therapy throughout California for your convenience, security, and privacy.
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