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Depression and Anxiety

Meeting things freshly can be exciting, motivating, and simultaneously, it can bring out hesitation. It’s like the crispness of a brand-new journal waiting for us to fill its pages. Yet, we often don’t want to ‘mess’ up the experience of freshness so we hesitate to venture onto its pages, with our experiential encounters. This is similar to the experience of beginning a New Year. I am an online therapist in California. While the calendar tells us that a New Year begins at midnight on the first day of every January, I’ve often believed that the ‘New Year’ begins for us all individually when our minds are curious, our hearts are open, and our bodies are willing and ready.

A Time To Re-Assess from an Online Therapist in California

Perhaps, you’ve already consented to a New Year unfolding in your life, or maybe you’re still deliberating on if you actually have the support and resources that you need to actually begin anew. For many of the clients that I work with, we collaboratively decipher what their lives are honestly asking of them through deep inquiry, constancy, change, or optimization.

For some, this may be a guiding year of tender triumph; a year of tender aliveness; or a year of being an adult that gives themselves day passes to be a kid. For others, it might be a year of falling into grace; a year of wise reparenting of self; a year of creative audacity; or a year of treating the body like an ally. It might even be year of unburdening the body, liberating joy from within, or accepting what IS.

Returning to Our Intentions

No matter what we desire for a new year to be, there are several questions worth asking ourselves that can be a guide or lamp post of return to our intentions, even when life at times becomes overwhelming. Because the truth is, we are most motivated when life feels fresh, or even keel, but at times, when we are overstimulated by circumstantial events, we can wonder if we have enough motivation to move forward. This is where perfectionistic tendencies can cause many to be non-compassionate toward themselves and their needs. So, with the inevitably that life throws us a few curve balls or more, remembering these questions and accessing the resources that the answers give you, will help you every step of this year.

As an online therapist in California, I ask you to consider these questions:

What unburdens you?

I’ll never forget an article that prompted me to ask myself this question. Often, we’re so preoccupied by the list of things that seemingly burdens us that we forget that increasing relief is brought on by giving care and attention to what unburdens us.

Where do you feel your strength awaken?

When I reference strength, I don’t mean self-sacrificial endurance, but what your natural strength is. Strength is meant to enliven us, not deplete us.

What allows your heart to feel less constricted and more open?

This is where you consider what softens you, disarms you, and allows you to feel connected to self, others, and sense of purpose in your life.

What areas of your life can you let gratitude into?

This question prompts curiosity, but its not a “toxic positivity” curator. For many of us, we can often find gratitude when we pay attention to ordinary moments where we notice what’s present and not what is missing. Allowing ourselves to let in gratitude reminds me of a Esther Hicks quote shared with me by someone fairly recently, “A happy life is made up of happy moments, but most people miss the moments because they are trying to  get a happy life.”

What would you need to let go of or embrace to access hope for the future?

Believe or not, our human evolution consist greatly on a hope for the future, yet when when we witness various challenges in the world, to be hopeful can at times feel naive. Yet, an inner or outer world without hope can significantly impact our wellness. We can be aware and simultaneously hopeful. So let yourself access hope where you can find it. It’s not naive, its bravely intentional.

Lastly, what’s one act of courage that could aid you in allowing yourself to be loved abundantly by others in your life?

While this is for any and everyone, I especially point this out for those who are often overly self-reliant and need the reminder that autonomy and communal care can co-exist expansively, if they dare to let themselves find out.

In short, may this be a year where you venture into bringing your whole self to life, because every puzzle piece matters in the witnessing of the wholeness of your life. If you are looking for an online therapist in California and need a little help with seeing where each puzzle piece goes, please contact me. I’d be happy to support you along the way.



Carmelle Ellison, LCSW

I help high-achieving adults, especially in the BIPOC community live authentically wholesome lives via telehealth therapy throughout California.


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