How I Can Help


Couples Therapy for High-Achievers

Relationships can be bright and full of adventure but can also feel challenging in moments of disconnection. I help couples get unstuck so you can reconnect, shift patterns, and reclaim your joy together. I am a black couples therapist offering telehealth therapy in California.

High-Achieving Black Women

Are you a black career woman? Keeping up a public appearance of making things look easy can become exhausting. I am here to help you find your boundaries and balance so that YOU and the world can benefit from your Black Girl Magic. I am a black therapist in California ready to help.

Trauma Recovery for High-Achievers

Both single-event incidents and complex traumas cause pain and imprint on our memories. So, making the mental decision to “put the past behind” you is not enough to unhook yourself from the impact of trauma. I am an online trauma therapist who specializes in trauma recovery and can help you access a life you did not think possible.

Safe Haven for Perfectionists

You’ve worked really hard to get to where you are, but the good life that you imagined waiting for you, still feels out of reach. Perfectionism can make you feel like you haven’t done enough or aren’t enough. I offer many therapy interventions for perfectionism and can help you stop juggling and find harmony.

Therapy for Depression, Anxiety, and SoulCare

Anxiety and depression have many faces, and asking for help can be hard. I will help you understand your psyche and those complex emotions, the behavioral responses, along with the needs of your heart, soul, and body. If you are looking for a therapist for anxiety in San Francisco or California, I am here to support you.